Top 10 Apps


One of the best meditation apps on the market today is the Headspace app for iOS and Android.

Download Headspace for iOS or Headspace for Android


The Calm app offers hundreds of guided and unguided meditations on a variety of topics from anxiety, stress, and sleep to mindful eating.

Download Calm for iOS or Calm for Android

Other Apps

Insight Timer

No matter which meditation style you prefer, you’ll find it on the free app Insight Timer. Insight Timer offers a lot for free.

Download Insight Timer for iOS or Insight Timer for Android

10% Happier

Based on ABC News anchor Dan Harris’s No. 1 New York Times bestseller 10% Happier about learning to disentangle his mind from intense emotions and negative self-talk.

Download 10% Happier for iOS or 10% Happier for Android